Gambling Raid Nets No Initial Arrests, Plenty of Money For Police

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There are said to be about 400 to 500 illegal gambling halls operating in the city of Houston, according to HPD Lt. Charlie Vazquez. If the results of a raid at one of the gambling halls on Thursday is any indication, the police would be dumb not to crack down on all the clubs.

A raid took place on Thursday at a facility that was allowing gambling on illegal video machines. The police seized $40,195 in cash, yet made no arrests.

The money that was seized will be divided up between the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the HPD. The machines that were seized, 100 in all, will be destroyed.

The HPD will keep seventy percent of the money collected. It will go into a general fund. The raid was made to stop the crime that comes along with gambling in these establishments. If that was the goal, then why were none of the people involved arrested?

With 400 to 500 clubs operating in the city, it would seem logical that the police would keep raiding the clubs, especially when they keep what they confiscate.

Surely there are better things that could be done with the money than putting it in a general fund. Charities come to mind right off the bat.

Or maybe the police department could give some of the money back to the taxpayers that helped fund the raid in the first place. Whatever the case, a raid without an arrest looks like a quick ploy to generate funds for the police department.

Charges may still be filed in the raid, but as of Thursday evening, none were yet filed.

Gambling Proposals Being Blasted In Hawaii

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There is always a certain amount of criticism that takes place whenever expanded gambling is discussed. In Hawaii, opponents have taken that to a new level by blasting proposals to legalize gambling in the state.

“Does Hawaii really need one more addiction?” asked City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle. He was speaking at a news conference in which he stated his opposition to any form of gambling coming to Hawaii. Carlisle was not alone.

“Gambling is not the financial answer. Everyone believes a state just legalizes casino gambling and other forms of gambling and money just shows up out of nowhere. That is not how it works,” said Hawaii resident Peter Hork.

Actually, many states in the US have shown that is the way it works. The deals that have been made in various states involve casino developers to give the state millions of dollars up front. Then, once casinos are open there are additional taxes placed on winnings.

Although they are receiving heavy criticism from anti-gambling groups, lawmakers in Hawaii are still planning on pushing forward with their ideas, insisting that keeping residents of Hawaii at home could help turn around the local economy.

“People are going to gamble anyway, so if we can utilize gaming in a focused way, let’s try it out,” said Senator Fred Hemmings. He was referring to the large amount of people that travel from Hawaii to Nevada each year to get their gambling fix.

The debate may be firing up, but there is really little chance that lawmakers will make any law changes regarding gambling this session. It is more likely that the issue will be examined more thoroughly next session.

Gambling on Ron Paul Nomination Becoming a Safer Bet

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Ron Paul has raised as much money in the third quarter as Democratic candidate Bill Richardson, and nearly as much as Senator Jon Edwards. The Republicans have not all announced their numbers for the quarter but Ron Paul and the Democrats have and the numbers are shocking to main stream media, although they are not so shocking to Internet media.

Those who have been gambling on a Ron Paul Republican nomination became a little more excited today as Ron Paul’s camp announced that he has raised $5.1 million, compared to $2.3 million raised in the last quarter, and those numbers are expected to be as much as Senator McCain’s numbers when he announces his third quarter campaign fund raising statistics.

The doubling of campaign contributions can be attributed to the most remarkable grass roots campaign in recent years. The campaign is powered heavily by the Internet, and the more his Internet supporters see his numbers improving the more they come out in numbers to support him.

So who is Ron Paul? Ron Paul is more like what Republicans used to be, and stands for things Republicans used to stand for, before Bush and his religious cronies took over the party. Nowadays, Ron Paul appears to be a candidate more aligned with what one would think of as a free standing liberal.

As the Republicans used to believe, Paul currently does. Less government, less taxes, more freedom, are the mantras Paul lives by, however he strongly supports troops getting out of Iraq, which is where he loses some support from his conservative Republican database.

Paul believes in no gun control, a free and unregulated Internet, lower taxes, however, being a gynecologist, and having a complete understanding that a baby has a heart beat at 3 weeks, Paul strongly opposes abortion, which is the one issue that keeps him from being categorized as a complete liberal. The abortion and gun control issue may be one that can rally his conservative supporters.

No matter what his stance on the issues, the most important thing to recognize is that a grass roots movement utilizing the Internet is a strong and important tool that will be used in the 2008 election and a tool that will become vital to the future of American politics.

Gambling Men At Airport Arrested For Illegal Activity

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Gambling is becoming so popular around the world that people are now taking the liberty of gambling in public. Even in places where gambling is illegal, there is wagering going on.

Four men were gambling in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport openly. The openness of the gambling activity led to a tip that police received. the men were later arrested.

Dominoes appeared to be the game of choice after police seized a set from the men. Authorities also confiscated large amounts of cash from the men upon arresting them.

“I suspect they are professional gamblers. they put in a lot of money as the stake. all of them drove Mercedes Benz cars to the airport,” said Taufik Hidayat, the airport police detective chief inspector. The gambling took place at the Swarna Golf Course restaurant.

The men are now looking at a maximum sentence of four years in jail if they are convicted of the crime. They will be charged with violating the Criminal Code on gambling. The men’s names were not yet released, but they were said to be Indonesian.


Massachusetts State Senate Reviving Casino Debate

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Governor Deval Patrick has been extremely supportive of bringing casino gambling to the state of Massachusetts. He put together a complete plan for the legalization of casino gambling, but failed in his attempt to convince the House that it was a good proposition.

Now, the Senate has decided to revive the idea. They would most likely not get the measure approved, but they would give the idea a big boost by supporting the plan.

Should there be a change in the House in the upcoming election, the show of support from the Senate could eventually lead to the legalization. Casino gambling was one of the issues that helped Patrick get elected.

People are ready for casino gambling in the state. They voted for Patrick knowing that was one of his big issues. They did not shy away from the idea of legal casino gambling.

The House, however, almost immediately dismissed the plan, and sent it to be studied. Once the study is complete, they will then again revisit the issue. Until then, or the time when leadership changes hands in the House, the topic will go no further than discussion.

Gambling Lawsuit Filed In Michigan By Horse Racing Industry

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The Horse Racing industry in Michigan has fallen on some difficult times. People with interests in the industry have decided that it is lottery and casino gambling that is endangering the horse racing industry.

Now, some of these interest people have sued the state of Michigan. they are claiming that their industry is being hurt by lotteries and casinos. They also claim state restrictions on video lottery terminals are a violation of the United States constitution.

“Without legislative relief, you will see the end of horse racing in Michigan within three years,” said Lawyer Phillip Maxwell to The Detroit News. He represents Northville Downs and several others joining the lawsuit.

In 2204, voters in Michigan approved an amendment to the state constitution that prohibited legislature from allowing slot machines at race tracks. That amendment has made it nearly impossible for the tracks to survive, the lawsuit claims. They also feel the amendment was unconstitutional.

With casinos having the slot machines and not the race tracks, it makes it tough for the tracks to compete. They have the horse racing, but that alone is not strong enough to keep people coming back, especially when they can go elsewhere and play slot machines.

Last Chance For Casino Opposition In Michigan Is Supreme Court

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A casino proposal for the Gun Lake Casino in Allegan County’s Wayland Township has its share of opposition. Groups that oppose the casino will take one last shot at stopping the project.

The United States Supreme Court will be asked to hear a challenge by the opposition group. The group is clinging to a Depression-era law that was written to better the lives of American Indians.

The group, Michigan Gambling Opposition, which is represented by Grand rapids Attorney, John Bursch, is hopeful, but it is not likely, according to the casino’s developers, that they will win their challenge. The developers are moving ahead with plans, regardless of the challenge.

Should the challenge be successful, it could have major implications on how land is secured by American Indian tribes. The opposition group is contesting the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to acquire tribal land.

“We have a very important constitutional issue because this is a statute that allows the federal government agency to take away land from sovereign states,” said Bursch, to the Grand Rapids Press.

The group lost an appeal on Tuesday, and now the Supreme Court challenge is the last option to try and stop the casino from being built.