Gambling Men At Airport Arrested For Illegal Activity

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Gambling is becoming so popular around the world that people are now taking the liberty of gambling in public. Even in places where gambling is illegal, there is wagering going on.

Four men were gambling in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport openly. The openness of the gambling activity led to a tip that police received. the men were later arrested.

Dominoes appeared to be the game of choice after police seized a set from the men. Authorities also confiscated large amounts of cash from the men upon arresting them.

“I suspect they are professional gamblers. they put in a lot of money as the stake. all of them drove Mercedes Benz cars to the airport,” said Taufik Hidayat, the airport police detective chief inspector. The gambling took place at the Swarna Golf Course restaurant.

The men are now looking at a maximum sentence of four years in jail if they are convicted of the crime. They will be charged with violating the Criminal Code on gambling. The men’s names were not yet released, but they were said to be Indonesian.


Massachusetts State Senate Reviving Casino Debate

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Governor Deval Patrick has been extremely supportive of bringing casino gambling to the state of Massachusetts. He put together a complete plan for the legalization of casino gambling, but failed in his attempt to convince the House that it was a good proposition.

Now, the Senate has decided to revive the idea. They would most likely not get the measure approved, but they would give the idea a big boost by supporting the plan.

Should there be a change in the House in the upcoming election, the show of support from the Senate could eventually lead to the legalization. Casino gambling was one of the issues that helped Patrick get elected.

People are ready for casino gambling in the state. They voted for Patrick knowing that was one of his big issues. They did not shy away from the idea of legal casino gambling.

The House, however, almost immediately dismissed the plan, and sent it to be studied. Once the study is complete, they will then again revisit the issue. Until then, or the time when leadership changes hands in the House, the topic will go no further than discussion.

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