Gambling on Ron Paul Nomination Becoming a Safer Bet

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Ron Paul has raised as much money in the third quarter as Democratic candidate Bill Richardson, and nearly as much as Senator Jon Edwards. The Republicans have not all announced their numbers for the quarter but Ron Paul and the Democrats have and the numbers are shocking to main stream media, although they are not so shocking to Internet media.

Those who have been gambling on a Ron Paul Republican nomination became a little more excited today as Ron Paul’s camp announced that he has raised $5.1 million, compared to $2.3 million raised in the last quarter, and those numbers are expected to be as much as Senator McCain’s numbers when he announces his third quarter campaign fund raising statistics.

The doubling of campaign contributions can be attributed to the most remarkable grass roots campaign in recent years. The campaign is powered heavily by the Internet, and the more his Internet supporters see his numbers improving the more they come out in numbers to support him.

So who is Ron Paul? Ron Paul is more like what Republicans used to be, and stands for things Republicans used to stand for, before Bush and his religious cronies took over the party. Nowadays, Ron Paul appears to be a candidate more aligned with what one would think of as a free standing liberal.

As the Republicans used to believe, Paul currently does. Less government, less taxes, more freedom, are the mantras Paul lives by, however he strongly supports troops getting out of Iraq, which is where he loses some support from his conservative Republican database.

Paul believes in no gun control, a free and unregulated Internet, lower taxes, however, being a gynecologist, and having a complete understanding that a baby has a heart beat at 3 weeks, Paul strongly opposes abortion, which is the one issue that keeps him from being categorized as a complete liberal. The abortion and gun control issue may be one that can rally his conservative supporters.

No matter what his stance on the issues, the most important thing to recognize is that a grass roots movement utilizing the Internet is a strong and important tool that will be used in the 2008 election and a tool that will become vital to the future of American politics.

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