Seven Card Stud Stratgies For The New Player

Just as there are millions of players that love to play 7 Card Stud, there are numerous strategies floating around that you can use to make your game more effective. From reading your opponent to learning which hands are the best starting hands, you will slowly (but surely) develop your own playing style when it comes to 7 Card Stud. If you haven’t played Stud in a while it may be best to refresh on the rules of 7 card stud.

Playing the Cards – Stud Strategy
Memorization of the cards being played and analyzing the cards is a great 7 Card Stud strategy. By studying what cards are on the table and what those cards mean to you in relation to what cards are in your own hand is critical to your success as a player of 7 Card Stud. Of each cards on other player’s porches (face up cards) ask yourself, “does this card help or hinder my chances of winning”, “does this card help or hinder my opponent’s chances of winning”, and “how do these cards effect other player’s chances of winning”.

7 Card Stud Hand Selection
Three of a kind (also known as trips) is the best opening hand to have in 7 Card Stud, and the higher the trips’ rank, the better off you are. You can often win with just trips alone and having trips definitely gives you a great headway to a full house. If you have trips, throw suspicion off of yourself by betting modestly in the first few streets to build the pot to your advantage. Keep as many players in the game for as long as possible because chances are you will beat them all. By Fifth Street, it is now time that your opponents must pay to stay because this is where you start betting up the pot.

High pairs of tens or better is the next best starting hand for you in 7 Card Stud. Hopefully, these will be your facedown hole cards because if they are out on your porch, everyone knows what you have. Bet strong in the third and fourth streets with high pairs to eliminate some players while you can. If you have a kicker card to go with a high pair, it becomes okay to bet somewhat aggressively, especially if you have aces. However, if you reach Sixth Street and you’re not sure what you’re up against, it may be time to fold or at least check.

Playing Styles to Look For In 7 Card Stud
The Bear. The Bear is a player that plays tight and conservative, and will only take risks when he or she is sure that they can back it up with actual great hands. The streets in 7 Card Stud determine the Bear’s action, and on Third Street, the Bear will determine if he has the goods or not. If the Bear has less than Trips, Three to a Flush or Three to a Straight or a high pair of tens or better, they will fold without batting an eye.

The Bull. The Bull plays aggressively. The Bull knows that while what he holds in his hand is important, it is also important to know how his cards appear to his opponents. Bulls are all about manipulation and they do a good job of manipulating their opponents as they do managing their own hand. The Bull’s favorite saying is “raise or fold” and they force players to either muck their hands or pay up. Bull’s demand the most out of 7 Card Stud through careful observation, analysis of the cards, and outright psychological deception of their opponents.

Which style of playing is the best for your 7 Card Strategy. The Bull. The Bull is harder to predict than the stern bear who rarely takes a chance. Most professional players are Bulls. By having a bullish attitude, you force more money onto the table and you scare off the Bears who are less aggressive.

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